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I am trying to make the best use of the various options for matching criteria when creating Playlists.  There is a comprehensive list of criteria available (such as "Starts With", "Is Any Of", "Is Not Any Of", "Contains", "Does Not Contain", etc.).  Some of these criteria delimiters are obvious to me, while others are a mystery.

Is there a list of definitions available for these criteria?

Are there examples to illustrate how they work?

For example, I have created a Custom Field called "Style".  I use this field to further define different types of music with major Genre options.  One of my major Genre options is "Classical".  I might define a Style as "Orchestra" for a purely orchestral work with no vocal and no solo instruments.  I might define another Style as Choral to be associate with Classical to indicate a work which is a capella choral singing with no instruments of any kind.

For my example above, how would "Does Not Contain" function?  How would "Is Not Any Of" function?  What is the difference between "Does Not Contain" and "Is Not Any Of"?

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From your example: if you make a rule that says "Style is not any of: Orchestral, Choral" then that will match all tracks except for those where Style tags include Orchestral and/or Choral.

If you make a rule that says "Style does not contain: Solo", then it will match all tracks except for those where the Style tag contains the word Solo, as part or all of a tag.  So it would NOT include tracks with a style tag like "Solo Piano", "Solo Flute", or "Soprano Solo".  It also wouldn't include Soloist, Solos, etc.

Look at the positive versions: the main difference between "is any of" and "contains" is that "is any of" will only match complete tags (values separated by a semicolon), where "contains" will match any part of a tag.  If the Tag Editor shows the tag as "Solo Flute; String Ensemble", "is any of" would match "Solo Flute" or "String Ensemble", but would not match "Solo" or "String".  "Contains" would match "Solo", "Flute", "Ensemble", or even "String E". You could usually make them work interchangeably, but "is any of" automatically handles multiple search terms (Orchestral OR Choral) where "contains" automatically handles multiple results of a single search term (Solo Piano AND Solo Flute).

Does that help?
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Yes - very helpful.  I have printed your response for reference.  I need to rethink how I use Genre and Style to refine my music definitions - which I will apply to creating randomized Auto-Playlists.

It would be helpful if there were detailed explanations and examples available for each of the criteria and, especially, to clarify how the syntax works for entries into the data fields.