Author Topic: Help the ‘visualiser graphic’ element on my install is misbehaving..  (Read 1123 times)


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I hope someone can shine some light on this.  

I recently tweaked the layout of my install of MB which included moving the visualiser graphic element around and switching it on and off.  I really want this element to feature in the right-side bar and I haven’t got any issues in terms of configuring MB’s layout.  However, for some reason now, when the visualiser graphic element features the playback of music is speeded up, and when it is removed playback is fine, it occurs at the correct speed.

Can anybody provide any guidance on what I could do?  

I’ve tried changing skins – trying both Musicbee3 and Eleven - but that didn’t resolve the issue.  And previously I had mistakenly concluded that the issue was a wasapi bug, but subsequently managed to get everything working again by doing a complete reinstall of MB –  that’s an extreme measure though and if at all possible I would prefer not to repeat that.


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If you have tempo control (or any other DSP/VST plugins) enabled in equalizer settings, try disabling it, though I have no idea how that could have anything to do with showing visualizer panel.


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It is a bug with WASAPI and ASIO when using visualiser: graphic and the built-in visualisers (reported here
It isn't a problem if using Milkdrop2 or the old Sonique visualisers.
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