Author Topic: Improving Multi-Tags view  (Read 2675 times)


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Basically when you tag a file with more than one field (i.e : Genre = Folk;Rock;Pop) MusicBee returns Folk;Rock;Pop

Like in this picture:

I'd like a minor change, instead of semicolon can we have coma or preferrably " | " like in those tow examples.

So if you tag a song genre like this: " Folk;Rock;Pop " Musicbee now returns " Folk | Rock | Pop " or " Folk,Rock,Pop "
I guess this can be applied to other tags like composer, conductor...

Thanks in advance and thanks for this amazing software :)


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I agree! This would make the text a lot cleaner when viewing songs with multiple genres. +1


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the way genres were being displayed actually had a bug from what i intended
the intention was just to show the first genre and when multiple genres are present, show a "+" sign where holding the mouse over the genre column shows all the genres
this fixes the bug: