Author Topic: temp folder & realtime volume analysis to boost the volume  (Read 598 times)


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i would love to have a temp folder settings
i really love musicbee , some days ago i tried to convert some files to wave and in flac ,i got severals errors under w10
after i have tried under w7 and it works perfectly

the last windows update october ,reset almost every settings i had tweaked and re-enable fastboot dangerous

well windows defender protects some folder , and that's the reason to i was not able to convert files
seeing every month a new version of windows  10 come out
why don't add the possibility to set a temp folder (for example D:\temp folder) so we can avoid future issues with future w10 update

2) is hard to add a realtime volume analysis like aimp 4 , so all the songs will sound loud ?
about replaygain is great , but we should scan all the songs and they sound more weak

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