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I have created a Custom Field called "Composition" for my MusicBee database.  This field collects all tracks related to a specific composition and is very useful for listening to classical music because many classical compositions will contain multiple tracks.

I have experimented with the Playlist feature in an attempt to create an auto playlist which would be able to utilize my Composition field.  I was successful, except that I could not find a way to have the playlist contain all of the tracks assigned to a particular Composition.  I believe this limitation is present because I can only choose between "Track" and "Album" when creating any kind of Playlist.

For clarity, here is an example of what I want to do.  Assume that I have set up the auto playlist to contain just one item.  I then select Composition as the field of interest and choose Track.  The playlist is successfully constructed, but only one track is listed.  Let's say that the Composition randomly chosen was Beethoven's First Symphony, which has four movements, each assigned to a separate track.  Only track two was chosen for the auto playlist.  What I want the auto playlist feature to do for this composition is to choose all four tracks, not just one track.

I believe this capability would be of significant interest, not only to classical music users, but also to anyone who might have done as I have done and created a "Composition" field to collect multiple tracks associated with a specific musical composition.




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Screenshot of your settings for this auto playlist?
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