Author Topic: custom4 content does not show in edit tags  (Read 920 times)


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Hai there, (Peter Gabriel?)

I did something stupid i guess.
I saw my custom4 (called musicians) was stored in the musicbee database.
I thought i had chosen to be stored in the mp3 file.
I chose to store it in the file but did not see a 'good' tag.
So i chose 'artist invalved'. (A field i did and do not find when i look at it again.)
Than i thougth, stupid what did you do en i reverted the setting.
Now something strange happens.
At first i thought i lost the data but that does not seem to be the case.
The names of the artists (musicians) are there.
I see them in the right panel in the track information.
They used to be one under the other. (separated wich a ";" in the tag)
Now they are next to each other without a separator.
BUT in the edit panel in the tags field only one name appears.
A different name for each track.
I spend a lot of time filling in the names.



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Hai there, (Peter Gabriel starting Big Time)

Without the story my problem is:
Musicians names are in custom4 tag.
Now without a separator (used to be ";")
In the edit panel only one name shows.
How can i edit the tag?