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Hello, love music bee.
However I have bought the Ha-sz1000 and it takes a ton of power to push the woofers
I'm hoping someone can make a plugin with a 25db~ eq, so I don't have to buy an EQ
I use asio so I don't know of any external software eq?
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EQ isn't going to give you more power, you'd need a bigger amplifier for that. The HA-SZ1000 is actually a very low-power (16 ohm, 108 dB/mW) set of headphones; those are almost as low-power as you can get. If you would be willing to describe exactly what you're trying to accomplish, perhaps we can guide you to a simpler solution.

For example, EQ is typically used when you don't like how your headphones sound. Are you looking to change the tonal balance? In what way? How does a +/- 15dB EQ not meet your needs?
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