Author Topic: Start/end position only in playlists  (Read 909 times)


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I realized that trimming the beginning/ending songs isn't always useful.
For example: a song should be cut at the beginning, because it has a particular beginning, only in a playlist but with a single listening you would like to hear it in full.
It would be nice to have a choice beside the two start/end setting fields that says: only in playlists.
By flagging it, those cuts will only be active in the playlists, in other cases always.


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Here to offer what I hope would be an alternative should this wish remain unfulfilled.

Idk much about ASX files - just the bits I've come across on the forum - but they sound like they could be used to achieve what you want.

I'm thinking...if they are pointers/duplicates of sorts that get treated as if they were their own file,
then maybe you could add them to your playlists and trim them instead of the originals?

Search around the forum and see if they sound like a possible workaround.
If you're lucky, perhaps someone more knowledgeable will jump up and mention right way if the proposed workaround makes sense
or is even possible to begin with, before I lead you on a wild goose chase.
I already spend hours on end on social media. Might as well spare a few of those to a greater purpose here.