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I have 3 issues as mentioned in the title.

1. When I scroll in the artists area it jumps by 4 artists at the time, it's way too fast for me, is there a way to reduce it?
2. I tried what people said in the forums to equalize the volume with the gain thing but some albums still have a significant volume difference. Is there a way to fix it or it's because of how the file recording signature?
3. My music folders are well organised but when I add them in my library somethings the songs go all over the place, they don't organise themselves as they are in my music folder. I found an option in Preferences/Sorting-Grouping/grouping that says "specify how files are grouped to an album" and it gives me 2 options:

1. files for each album are organised in their own folder
2. the following fields define an album

It's set on the second option. Should I select the first one to fix my problem?

Thank you for your help.


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1) Scrolls by six artists for me in the thumbnail browser, using the scroll wheel on my mouse. Might be able to tweak that in the Windows mouse settings.

2) In order to use ReplayGain to normalize volume between tracks, those tracks must first be tagged with ReplayGain values. Right-click > Send to > Analyze volume will get those tags written to the tracks.

3) To use the first option, your tracks must be uniformly tagged. To use the second option, your tracks must be organized in one folder per album, but tags still matter for some of the organization. Either way, you'll need to learn about metadata. Back up your music files before making changes to tags (metadata).
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