Author Topic: Remap file paths in exported playlists with the unix path convention  (Read 2348 times)


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I store my media files on a Linux server which is accessed with various media clients. I use MusicBee to manage my music files and playlists. I struggled to get the configuration to create playlist paths that would work correctly with Kodi as Kodi required the path to start with smb:. Initially, I tried to map the base from // to smb:// without success. Finally, I discovered the following, successful configuration:

exported playlists: \\SERVERNAME\Music\Playlists\
use unix path convention (/)
map base file paths... from: \\ to: smb:\\

Apparently, MusicBee maps the base file paths before it converts the unix path convention (from \ to /). Hopefully this information will help someone else.

MusicBee is awesome software. Thank you to Steven and the team that helps with the forums.