Author Topic: UPNP / DLNA bug? Or config issue?  (Read 2177 times)


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Hi all,

I'm using the UPNP plugin to stream my music from the PC to the Yamaha AVR. I have 2 questions:

a) On the AVR, I cannot see the musicbee library - but if I use any other tool (tried PLEX, Univsersal Music Server and JRiver) it will show up there. Is there something wrong in the config? There's no DLNA profile for the AVR, but I also didnt pick any on the other tools.

b) Is there a way to control Musicbee from a website? The other tools (e.g. JRiver) provide a webserver interface where I can queue items and send them from there to the Yamaha AVR directly (so I can control the playlist from my smartphone, for example).

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It seems the DLNA function is no longer supported since Dec/Jan.
I have a Yamaha MusicCast WCX-50 which I think is implemented into your Yamaha receiver. And I couldn't get it to work at all.
In my case I was trying to stream music from MusicBee to the MusicCast. MusicBee sees the MusicCast, but won't stream anything to it.


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On point a - some DLNA controllers seem to have trouble knowing where the root of MB's Library is. When I first access it through a new controller, I sometimes have to set the base "directory."

In the HiFiCast app, for example, it's called "Top Level Music Folder"  I think it was set to "Media Server->Music" initially, but it had to be set to just "Media Server" and then everything was found fine.

Maybe there's some way to set "Top Level Music Folder" or some similar setting in your AVR.

On the other issue and requesting features and the like, the plugin is sadly no longer supported. You'll either have to learn programming and make a new one (original source code is available!) or find a music manager that does this stuff well.