Author Topic: Toolbar button - Auto tag, update missing lyrics  (Read 3113 times)


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I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, so I've created a wishlist entry.

I am currently using Auto-Tag By Track - Update Missing Lyrics quite a lot. I'd like to add a toolbar button to get at this command quickly (or perhaps add a hot-key to trigger it). I can find many of the Tools: Auto-tag by track sub commands under Hot-keys in Edit Preferences and also in the command list of the Set Toolbar buttons dialog (which I think is the same as the hot-key list), but I haven't found Tools: Auto-tag by track - Update Missing Lyrics..

Would it be possible to make this command available (or am I just looking in the wrong place .....)

Many thanks - as always - for MusicBee; the more I use it, the more I like it! :)


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I can't find Tagging Tools: Remove Tags either  ??? Please can you make that command available too.....


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I was also trying to add that button - unfortunately not available. Would be great, thanks! +1


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for v3.2 i have added a new hotkey command (which can be assigned to a button)
Tools: Auto-Tag by Track - Update Misssing Lyrics