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I'm new to MusicBee and loving it so far! I basically live in my Playlists and have them set to "Album Art” view, but have noticed a quirk in the way tracks are listed on multi-disc albums when you open the Expanded Panel.

Let’s assume I have a 2 disc album that's made up 2 long tracks, one on each disc.

When I apply the Disc-Track# rule to the information shown in the Expanded Panel it displays it like this...

1   Really Long Album Disc 1

1   Really Long Album Disc 2

To me it would make more sense, and it would be so much "cleaner," to display the information as...

1.01   Really Long Album Disc 1

2.01   Really Long Album Disc 2

I don’t know if this is an issue for anyone else, but MusicBee has such a clean, configurable, minimalist interface (it's one of the reasons I started using it after looking at foobar, JRiver etc.) I’d love to see this particular issue addressed.

Thanks for a fantastic product!