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Hello All

I'm new to MusicBee and loving it so far! I basically live in my Playlists and have them set to "Album View," but have noticed a quirk in the way tracks are listed on multi-disc albums when you "open" the album.

On a 2 disc album tracks are displayed in the same format across both discs e.g. "1 Track One" etc on Disc 1, and "1 Track One" etc on Disc 2.

What would make more sense to me would be for tracks on disc one to be displayed as "1.1 Track One" etc, with the tracks on disc two displayed as "2.1 Track One" etc.

The information to do this seems to be available as there are fields for "Track X of X" and "Disc X of X" when we're tagging our music collections.

Is this possible and I've just missed a setting somewhere? As I said, I'm pretty new to MusicBee and am concentrating on importing/converting my collection to Flac.



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Instead of displaying / sorting on "Track", display / sort on Disc-Track.

You set the Disc-Track format (for example, you want 1.1 and 2.1 - I have 01-01 and 02-01) by right clicking where it says "Albums and Tracks" at the upper left of the main panel, selecting "Customize Panel" and then "Configure Fields" at the bottom.  It's at the bottom-left of the resulting dialogue box.

The beauty of Disc-Track is that you can configure it as you want above, and if there's only one disc, it doesn't display the disc field, just the track field.  You gain what you want and lose nothing.

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Hi fankz

Thanks for the help, you've got me pretty close to what I want, but it's not quite there.

I have a 2 disc album (Dynamic Stillness) that's made up 2 long tracks, one on each disc.

I have the main panel set to the Album Art view, when I apply the Disc-Track# rule to the information shown in the Expanded Panel it displays the information like this...

1   Dynamic Stillness Part 1

1   Dynamic Stillness Part 2

To me it would make more sense, and it would be "cleaner," to display the information as...

1.01  Dynamic Stillness Part 1

2.01  Dynamic Stillness Part 2

I'm guessing it's not possible; it's a real shame because MusicBee has such a clean, configurable, minimalist interface, it's one of the reasons I started using it after looking at foobar, JRiver etc.