Author Topic: Is % of progress calculated after the number of items or total duration?  (Read 1170 times)


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For an unknown reason, MB asked me this morning to rename all the 511 podcasts episodes (24GB) that I already had sync a loooong time ago, without anything changing in between; then after some hours of sync, it asked me again to copy, this time, half of this 511 episodes that were already there on the phone actually. That is maybe worth a bug report, but I cannot reproduce it... ;)

Anyway, during the sync that took a few hours, I noticed that the progression indication given in % was not really reflecting the progress time-wise. It seems to be based on the number of items rather than on the total duration already processed. On a large batch of items to be synced with very different durations like podcats episodes (from 5' to 120' each), it appeared not precise enough.

Hence this request to base progress percentages for operations that can last long (like sync, or conversion) on duration as well as on numbers, to allow better guess on the remaining time.

That's it, thanks :)


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its i mixture of number of files and weighting for each sync action and is very approximate. I doubt i would have the time and devices to test with to make it more accurate