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So I'm setting up my music to be able to play it in my car, everything works well but I've come across a problem with my playlists.

My cars head unit doesn't recognize playlist files. Is there a way I can set up my playlists so that they:

1:  contain a copy of all the music files within the playlist.
2:  are contained in their own subfolder.
3:  update automatically when I change the playlist.

Let me know if this is possible.
Thanks for your time
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What you're talking about is called "Syncing."  To do this, you'd set up whatever device you're using in the car (I'm guessing a USB stick or something) as a device in MB, set the syncing rules to put everything in the same folder on that device, and then sync the playlist to the device.  The playlist will be copied over, but so will all of the files in the play list. When you change the playlist, the files that you add to it will be added and the files that you remove from it will be deleted (with, I think, confirmation).

EDIT: Alternately, you can right-click the playlist, do a "Send To" -> Folder (Copy) -> Copy files to folder and send them to the drive that way (assuming that's what you're using, you didn't say), but this will not delete things you remove from the playlist from the drive as syncing would.
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I got it working! Sweet, I couldn't find the Synching Setting You were talking about but now the playlists are copying.

I set up my device (USB) in the device tab, made sure to tick synchronise music and playlists where syncing, then set up the path that my playlists would save on my device and tick the box for "create a sub-folder for each playlist and its tracks".

thanks for your help!