Author Topic: The "Play now" button and track list  (Read 983 times)


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I've always been a big fan of the buttons that appear when hoovering the mouse pointer over an album in the main panel.

In version 3.1 the three dotted button for selecting tracks has been scrapped in favour of an extended tracklist which you can make appear by clicking anywhere on the album, a decision which is OK by me (though I don't really see the advantage).

My main objection to the new design is that the tracklist also appears if I click the "Play now" hoover button. I mean, if I press the "Play now" button it's because I want to listen to the album, not look at the tracklist.

I'm aware that I can change the behaviour in settings but then I don't get the tracklist with a single click.



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yes i agree with that and for v3.2 that is the new behavior