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Hi - Recent MediaMonkey convert here. Having a great time getting this up and running.

One snag - on MM, I was able to directly access the database and wrote some Python scripts to create auto playlists.  Kind of hacky, but it worked.

There's one auto playlist in particular I'm not able to duplicate so I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.

The way I'm set up is that I have one central playlist that I dump all the songs I like into.  It's called "All"  Then I construct other playlists based on the songs in "All."  

The one I'm having trouble with is all the songs from "All" that were added in the last two weeks PLUS all the other songs in "All" from the albums in those results, even if those songs were added more than two weeks before (before the rest of the album).  This catches songs that were released as singles prior to the album's release (these are normally the best songs on the albums!).

I am, of course, able to create an auto-playlist that pulls all the songs in playlist "All" that were added to the library in the last two weeks.  I call this one "Two Weeks."  I haven't yet been able to find a way to go back through those results and find other songs in "All" that are on the same albums as that first set of songs but were added before the two week limit.

I had high hopes for...
Music track source: Playlist - Two Weeks
Match: Playlist is All
Select by: Album


Music track source: Playlist - All
Match: Playlist is "Two Weeks"
Select by: Album

But those take everything from those albums in whole library, not just from "Playlist is All"

I also tried other combinations to no avail.  I either get only the songs in "Two Weeks" or results from the whole library not limited to songs in "All."

Any suggestions?  I'm stumped.


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OK - I figured out a way.  Just in case this turns up in someone's search engine results somewhere down the line, here's how I resolved it.  If anyone can think of a better way, let me know.

Instead of getting a grouping of songs and then adding previously added songs to it, it works to compile the whole list as a seed playlist and then weed out what you don't want. In other words.

SEED PLAYLIST (Two Weeks Seed):
Music Track Source: Playlist = All
Criteria: Date Added is in the last 14 Days
Select By: Album

This gives you a pool - everything album in the library where at least one of the songs on the album was added to the library and to playlist "All" in the last two weeks.

Then you cut it down with a second Auto Playlist that you're actually going to use (Two Weeks):
Music Track Source: Playlist = Two Weeks Seed
Criteria: Playlist is All
Select By: Track

This winds up giving me everything I wanted: Just the tracks in Playlist "All" I added in the last two weeks PLUS any other previously added tracks in "All" from those same albums.

Hope this helps someone somehow.  Again, if there's a better way I'd be anxious to learn it.
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Glad you got it sorted as to your requirements!  ;D