Author Topic: Album Types (LP's ; EP's ; Singles ; Compilations, etc.)  (Read 86679 times)

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I'm using the method where the "Group By" section is using the virtual tag that is blank, so in sub-grouping i'm using the virtual tag that really sorts the grouping in the way i want., also the custom sort that i'm using is: Grouping/ Year (Desc)/ Album

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say here. Can you clarify it?


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In music explorer when you group by virtual tag you can make it blank when the tag has no value with this formula for example $IsNull(<Grouping>," ",<Grouping>) but the blank space remains. As i to don't like empty space I have set it so it displays "albums "with with some ornaments when it isn't an Ep, Single etc... I would very much prefer the option with no emtpy space.
•―――•  ۞•――――•      $IsNull(<Grouping>,"  A  l  b  u  m  s  ",<Grouping>)      •――――――•  ۞•―――――•


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Any chance of getting all this put into an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial or as a plugin or something?


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It's too bad we can't make the headers bigger. I'm going to make a wishlish post to see if Steven can make this all a but more simpler by adding better ordering support for groupings

Nevermind, I was doing it slightly wrong- Have it working at 100% as intended!

Wow! Can this be done under the Album Artist view?