Author Topic: Album Types (LP's ; EP's ; Singles ; Compilations, etc.)  (Read 72625 times)

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I'm using the method where the "Group By" section is using the virtual tag that is blank, so in sub-grouping i'm using the virtual tag that really sorts the grouping in the way i want., also the custom sort that i'm using is: Grouping/ Year (Desc)/ Album

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say here. Can you clarify it?


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In music explorer when you group by virtual tag you can make it blank when the tag has no value with this formula for example $IsNull(<Grouping>," ",<Grouping>) but the blank space remains. As i to don't like empty space I have set it so it displays "albums "with with some ornaments when it isn't an Ep, Single etc... I would very much prefer the option with no emtpy space.
•―――•  ۞•――――•      $IsNull(<Grouping>,"  A  l  b  u  m  s  ",<Grouping>)      •――――――•  ۞•―――――•


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Any chance of getting all this put into an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial or as a plugin or something?


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My goal is to merge the "Appears On" grouping created using a virtual tag with the "Appears On" that is added by MusicBee at the botton, so the merged result gets at the end of the groupings.
Would that be possible?

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Can this post we moved to the Wishlist section? thanks
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