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This is mine, kinda simple setup, but i like it :)

DarkRed with my own color edit.


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here is mine!

dark skin with slightly bigger font than default.


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Using the wonderful DarkRED Metro version - love it!


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Dark - DarkRED Metro
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> How do you get the highlighted unplayed tracks option?

prefs -> tags (2) -> tag handling -> highlighting -> define rules
name: 'playcount is zero'
rule: <playcount> is 0

Then right-click the main-panel header -> other fields -> expose the 'highlight' column

For ages I thought that highlighting would affect the whole row and look garish. I was pleased to find out that it just highlights the column. There's also recently been a new feature added where you can display an icon instead of a colour.

The highlighting looks a bit redundant in the screenshot, since the playcount is also exposed. But when I'm scrolling I can't easily identify the tracks marked '0', so the highlighting just allows me to notice 'clusters' of unplayed tracks easily.

Thanks for this!!!


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DarkRED Classic skin.
I got the big album artwork idea from someone on and I like it quite a lot.


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Love the new "expanded" Album view. The solid colors work well with DarkRED.


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I updated my config with big covers and artist view.
Lyrics, cover art and artist picture in one view...can't imagine that in other players.


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Probably a dumb question, but how are you guys getting that sweet progress indicator? (Here's an example of what I'm talking about...)

EDIT: Okay, so I see it when I'm in theatre mode, but will it work in main player view?


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I don't have anything interesting visually, but I've labelled some features that I don't see other people using too much (click to enlarge):

Can sb explain how to split the library into sections and how to organise playlists in folders? Thanks!
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Can sb explain how to split the library into sections and how to organise playlists in folders? Thanks!

Depends on what you mean by 'sections' exactly. The filters in that screenshot? Right click on Music in the left pane, filters, manage filters. You'll also want to make sure they're showing.

Playlist folders is easy - right click on playlists and choose New Folder.


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That`s mine. I also love the new way of the expanded album view. Using iBee Dark as Skin

working hard to get the whole biblio into MB


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