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I know that we can't upload files in here but if you guys would be able to post a link to your panel arrangement file, it would be great. Some of you have a great talent when it comes to panel's config.  So, just export your panel arrangement so that an old fart like me, 66 y.o.  who is not as talented as you are, can also have a nice setup.   :)

it's under Musicbee/view/export panel arrangement, then you get a  .layout file. 

thanks guys !


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I would love an even more aesthetic, outlandish skin. Think the looks of WINAMP, windows 95, etc. something nostalgic to the early digital age.
Remember... this? :)

wow that's amazing! I don't remember it but I had a winAMP skin back then that had a similar vibe to this one :) I have zero experience in building skins unfortunately otherwise I'd make an over-the-top early digital art skin..


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I like my fonts Big.
I like my window Black.
I like my artist photos Round.
I like my window color Feminine.

Mmmmmm...  ;D



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I like my fonts Big.
I like my window Black.
I like my artist photos Round.
I like my window color Feminine.

Mmmmmm...  ;D


This is very neat and beautiful. Can you share the layout files?


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Skin: Fluenx Dark by diego (Thanks a lot diego!)


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Hello fellow Music(Bee) friends,

took me a bit until I was satisfied styling the player,but here is my take on making a good looking functional player.  
Left Sidebar (mostly for artist Bio these days) is hidden and same goes for the thumbnail browser (used for Artists mainly) but can be made visible as needed either with click or shortcut key.
I use all View options regularly except artist view and have styled and made custom views etc for all of em. Now playing or theater view rarley get used by me and Music Explorer & Node get used from time to time to discover some new Music in my collection.
I switched from MediaMonkey some time in 2011 and even after customizing that player for ages it never looked as good or was functioning as well as MusicBee does,so congratz to the creator,well done!!.oh yeah here are some picks (still playing around with fonts as of now):



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My Updated Layout on MusicBee 3.4.7517 P:

Using the Cotton Skin (no longer available, pending replacement -- "Cotton - Slim" is shipped with MB, however).

Spectrogram is a self-developed plugin:

All tabs use Custom Layouts and all playlists use Custom Views.

Playlists Tab:

Artists Tab:

Albums Tab:

Genres Tab (unreleased -- see: and Tag Hierarchy File:

Single Album Focus Tab (changes based on the album of the currently-playing track):

Now Playing Tab:

Music Explorer:

Compact Player:

Mini Player:
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Basic tags, no genres, no playlists. Just artists and albums.

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