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This is my layout, I coudn't make new skins for the new Musicbee. I'm using the Cotton skim by redwing, to me the best with the new functionalaties.  I love a clean layout. PS. I did the most played songs in thumbnail browser using a virtual list and not the the 25 most played list. It did not look so beutful, but it was what I could do.

I couldn't put the round artist picture.

BeeCotton White


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Played a bit with the text colour and virtual tags, quite happy with the result


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This is mine. I absolutely love it  :-*

I converted from iTunes to MusicBee 2 weeks ago and have spent that time playing around with skins, themes, fonts, layouts & preferences. Finally tonight I've disabled panel resizing and removed the header bar; I can now sit back and enjoy my music.


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I love seeing what people come up with for themes and designs.  I thought I would contribute mine as well and hopefully someone will enjoy mine as much as I have I have enjoyed a lot of yours.


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A gratuitous shot of one of my playlists with both Spectrogram Panel Plugin and Classic Spectrum Analyzer doing their thing in the Dark Fine-Tuned Maya Blue skin.


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Two ways i use MusicBee currently.  :-*

Which light theme is that one?
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