Author Topic: Adding/removing artist pictures  (Read 1364 times)


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I've had success putting album art onto every file, however I can't get to grips with the artist pictures.

When I open Musicbee (default view), on the left side it displays all the artists and has a picture for each one. When I put those songs on my iphone, and view my music by artist on the music app only 50% of the artists had pictures. And of those that did have a picture, it was different to the picture that was displayed for that song in Musicbee.

How can I add artist pictures to my files. Also, in case I wish to just delete all the artist pictures, how do I do that also?



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Probably the app you're using retrieves artist pictures from the web just as MB does. So no point adding artist pictures to files for that purpose. If you must do that, do it manually using tag editor, either replacing album cover or adding it additionally.