Author Topic: How to set a default picture for albums with no cover art?  (Read 1682 times)


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I just downloaded this player, because groove player was making me crazy and I am glad to find this player because it is awesome. However, there are two things that I want to change.
First I want to set a default picture for songs without a picture. actually, I think the program must do that itself cause it is more beautiful.
The second problem is when I minimize the app. When I hover the mouse over its icon in the taskbar a small control bar shows up, but Icons are blurry. However, I like the control bar when you set the app to be placed in notification tab when it is minimized. I like to see that control bar instead of what it is now OR I want sharp icons!
I tried to find a way, but unfortunately, I couldn't and Thanks for the awesome player again.


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You can use your own image for albums with no artwork.

See this guide about how to override skin files:

What you need in the third line is
<element id="NoArtwork">xxx</element>
And replace xxx with base64 string of the image.

Replacing the popup window is not possible, nor is possible to edit the buttons. Request it on the wishlist board.