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What does "error=BASS_OK" mean and how can I fix this ?

For a lot of songs this message occurs when the songs can't be played. Thankyou.


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that is a very strange error. I dont really have time to help out so suggest you use another player


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Music Bee was working ok until I added the Plugin UpnP. Is there anything in the folders I should be looking at to get this error message fixed ?


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If you disable the plugin, then is it working fine?
Also try with different player output setting. Re-installing MB is another option you could try.


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I was getting this when using UPNP plugin > BubbleUPnP renderer (running on server) > Chromecast Audio (on WIFI LAN)

Sometimes BubbleUPnP wouldn't respond, after a server hibernate/wake up etc. and MB would give this error as it's default player output wasn't available.

BubbleUPnp has been updated and I haven't seen this today, whenever it did I had to restart the BubbleUPnP server, this woke up the renderer and MB would cast again to the Chromecast Audio.