Author Topic: Casting MusicBee from PC to Chromecast - UPDATE  (Read 62384 times)


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Also installed the other thing, but not sure what it is or what it does.
I probably have to set something somewhere ?


Okay, so with an older version of something i can indeed in the preferences in the player choose to cast to my Chrome Audiocast directly.
If you're looking for help, you've got to be a lot more specific about what you've installed. And the fact that you've installed something not knowing what it is or what it does is not very smart.
Also, if you know it's not good, and you've clearly readup in here, and have not removed such posts, well, that doesn't exactly sound like smart to me either.
Or do you rather like supporting stuff of which you know it's bad shit around here ?
I never said anything in this thread is bad. Since there are four or five pieces of software mentioned, I was trying to determine which "other thing" you're referring to. I'm not the developer. I'm simply a user, like you and everyone else here on the forum. We try to help those that have questions. But in order to help, we need to know what you're doing.

So it sounds like you've got it working somewhat. Which is better than not working at all. I do want to point out the the DLNA Plugin is no longer supported by its developer. Some folks have gotten it to work while others have not. If there are issues or bugs with it, they won't be addressed. Nor will it be enhanced with new features.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here


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I had the same problem but I connected a HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV, Works fine.



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Gents, I installed the plugin and assigned my Chromecast Ultra as DLNA Renderer in BubbleUpnp. Now I can Output to Chromecast(Yamaha Receiver) from Music Bee - works like a charm.

I have few questions though:

1. What is the quality of casting? When I cast Flac 192kHz 24-bit, do i get the quality implied by the format?
2. Chromecast does not support Apple Loseless. However, I am still able to cast m4a to my receiver through Chromecast. How come? In this case, does MusicBee reformats the file on the fly?
3. Is there way to setup "Output to>" button on the Toolbar? Currently I am using right click - Output to Chromecast and this is not convenient.

Thank you!


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Very curious about this too.
I just got a NAS set up and installed plex and not terribly happy with the interface.  Currently I can use my android phone to choose tunes to stream directly from the NAS to my chromecast audio.

Musicbee looks beautiful and I would love to use it but not sure how and I don't want to sacrifice quality/user experience just for the sake of having it.

I plan to purchase a tablet to use as my main controller (PC will remain on but I very rarely sit there).  It will be android or windows based on what will serve me best.

Hella confused over here :(


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I've used Airfoil for years with different music players and have had no problems with streaming to my different chromecasts.

It's worth the few dollars.


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I saw this at the top of the Forums list as "NEW" so I thought I would give it a look.

I tried my Chromecast by casting my desktop, works perfectly, with that bubble plugin. So I put MB into Now playing mode, cast to my flat screen in the living room, use MBremote to control, and get a show that satellite radio could only dream of.

But the audio quality sucks. Not sure if it is the Chromecast or MB {only while casting}. I've got 866.7Mbps Wifi over 5G on my laptop, so does the Chromecast.

If I just bluetooth the audio to my sound system, it sounds incredible. So I'm hoping it's not some esoteric internal fight between MB resources and Chrome resources.


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I've had some problems. But after I customized ChromeCast properly following this guide, everything works fine for me.
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I've had some problems. But after I customized ChromeCast properly following this guide, everything works fine for me.

Casting from the Chrome browser to a CCA seems to use a rather nasty transcoding. See the review here:

The CCA itself is fine. It's just the nasty transcoding.


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I use a Chromecast Audio connected to my music system via an optical sPDIF cable and also a regular Chromecast connected to my TV using HDMI (in a different room).
My music files are sitting on a network share on a Windows 10 PC which works a  dedicated "server", always on in my household.

On my Android phone, I have VLC
VLC is able to see files on my server.
Before playing music in VLC, I tell VLC to cast to Chromecast.
When I hit play, Chromecast plays the music.
After that I can even turn off my Android phone, even shut it down or keeps playing.

Simple! Free. No configuration, no transcoding, nothing installed on the server. It just works!

Note, this has no involvement with DLNA or MusicBee.


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Guys i want to output the audio played from Musicbee library directly on my iPhone Speakers. Can i do this somehow?


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Guys i want to output the audio played from Musicbee library directly on my iPhone Speakers. Can i do this somehow?

I don't know of any software that lets you "cast" music from anything to an iOS device.

Your best bet is to set up a Plex server and play music on your iPhone using the Plex app.

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Hello Anarchy

Regarding "Installed: aka"

Do you know if a 64 nit version is available?


P.S. Thanks for your research into this.