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Hey MusicBee people,

First of all I'd like to let you know that I just created this account to post this here, so I'll probably check back just once or twice... I just wanted to let you know what I think about MB.
I have tried a least a dozen of the better music players on the web and in my opinion MB is the best, but I have a few suggestions:

- Possibilities to remove some functions from the player. Like the podcast, audiobooks, inbox menu's and the lyrics frame. All I really care about is a program that can play and manage my ever growing music collection in an easy and organized manner without too much stuff I don't need going on. (But, yes. That's just my stupid opinion, and I also know all these functions aren't there because no-one uses them ::))
- I don't know if this is a problem caused by my pc or if someone forgot to put something this obvious in MB, but when I'm at the end of the last song my playlist it automatically starts playing the first song in the playlist after it. But when I tell the player to play the previous song (the last in the playlist again), by either hotkey or button in the player, again it just stops.
- And maybe it's just that my aim is bad, but when i'm skipping through a song (clicking on the progress bar) I tend to miss the clickable area a lot. So I think that clickable search area is a little too narrow.

But apart from these 3 points MusicBee is a perfect musicplayer for me and whether someone even looks at this post or not, I will keep using MB. It would just be even better with those modifications. ;D
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I noticed something else as wel:
When I'm in windows explorer and want to open a couple of songs in MB, I can open a max of 15 songs at once. If I try to open more at once MB disappears from the context menu and I'm stuck with WMP... But maybe I just screwed up something in my registry or something.. idk
And when MB is playing songs in the background and it jumps to the next one, sometimes it goes away from the taskbar and I have to click on the bottomright MB icon to get the window open again..
I'm using the 8/11 beta btw


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just lost my media library, playlists and all that stuff after exitting MB using alt + f4... :-[
Also, miniplayer doens't work any more in latest beta.