Author Topic: When using mapped drives, files are not found and AutoDJ goes crazy  (Read 775 times)


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Musicbee Version: 3.1.6345

I have my music files on mapped drives (L:\ and M:\) and this is newly creating problems:
1 files not accessible at start of Musicbee:
When starting Musicbee, the files are marked with an exclamation mark as being not accessible. Playback does not start when pressing play. I have to open windows Explorer and select the mapped drive - then it gets (re-?)connected and playback etc. works.

2 AutoDJ goes crazy:
After then being able to start playback, pressing 'next' doesnt work well. Mostly playback then stops.
But when I empty the upcoming tracks in 'Playing Tracks' in order for AutoDJ to populate this at new, it gets crazy to one of this cases:
* the same song is there multiple times - up to 50 times
* songs of the same album are there, up to 50 in total.
By the way: 50 is the size AutoDJ is set to maintain as upcoming tracks.

Today it got even stranger: I can restart Musicbee as often as I want, AutoDJ is only playing this one Album that it startet to play 50 songs from. Even switching it off and on again doesnt change this.
I needed a restart of Muscbee between switching AutoDJ off and on again, now it seems to work great as it used to be, also the exclamation marks disappeared.

What else can I supply to make this reproducible or easy to find?