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A few months ago I've opened a thread on the "Questions" board regarding MusicBees MP3Gain feature (

My Quesion was:

I see that one can't permanently adjust the loudness of songs since MusicBee 3. I assume it's because of the quality loss but I am more than willing to accept that if it means I can save my hearing capacity. The reason I don't use the "virtual device"-feature is because my complete music library syncs (Syncthing) onto multiple devices with no ReplayGain support.
Is there somehow a way to get this done within MusicBee?

Answer 1:

This does come up every once in a while.
That feature was removed a long time ago because it could happen that users who didn't understand it's working, might 'accidentily' use it, and leave it activated without understanding that it indeed alters the original sound quality, and then might later on put the blame on MusicBee for doing that.

I might have a suggestion for a compromise to bring this feature back without needing to resort to using a virtual device.
There could be an option to activate it for the instance when you want to do encoding with permanent loudness adjustment.
But it would then not be a sticky setting, but would only be active for that operation, and revert back immediatly after completion.
In that way you would have the option available, and it would avoid the risk of leaving it activated accidentily.

If this would be of interest to you, you could create a wish for it on the wishlist board.

I understand and even agree with this but why won't you let the user decide? Why isn't there an option to activate it when you want to do encoding with permanent loudness adjustment in the settings for more experienced users? Why would you completely take away the users decision? :o

Answer 2:

It may not be convenient for you, but perhaps you could use MB's built-in syncing features instead of Syncthing. There is an option to level the volume there.

Is there an Android version of MusicBee that syncs files wireless across devices?


This is really really disappointing especially because this feature was already implemented in MusicBee 2!

Now you probably are going to think: Nobody else shares his opinion so it doesn't matter...
But please think about how many MusicBee users are out there... not even a fraction of them will ever register an account here at the forum to speak their mind! I know this for a fact because I installed MusicBee on several systems of friends and family. They are wondering why their ears start bleeding after getting hit by the volume differences of their songs. And all I can tell them is: Well... I asked, that's what they said...

Now we are seriously considering replacing MusicBee with MediaMonkey although it's not as good. We would much more like to keep this awesome piece of software. So please, please get this function back! Please! :(


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Is there an Android version of MusicBee that syncs files wireless across devices?
Steven has stated more than once that while he would not rule out completely an Android version, it's not very likely he would ever attempt it.

But there are Android apps out there that can be used to sync MB and Android via WiFi that work well. I often use Cheetah Sync. Psychoadept uses something else, the name of which I can't recall right now. But he's very happy with it.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

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I use Resilio sync
MusicBee Wiki
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Latest patches (3.5/3.6)
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Here I am again. I wrote an AutoHotkey script to solve the issue but it's pretty dirty because you have to replace all spaces with "_" and set already gained files to "hidden" so that mp3gain doesn't process them again.

So I switched to MediaMonkey but am still hoping for MusicBee to implement the function.

Steven, if you don't have the time, why don't you publish the source code at GitHub? Or implement paid premium features so that we can compensate you for your time!? We are more than willing to pay but apparently you don't even care about that. Why?