Author Topic: How frequently are ratings actually saved?  (Read 1364 times)


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MusicBee just crashed on me, and when I launched it again, it had lost a bunch of ratings I have applied within the past few days.

I have the "store ratings in music files" setting enabled, so why would ratings not actually be saved on the fly?

Very frustrating.  :(
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There was a bug in past versions that resulted in tag changes not being saved to file on the currently-playing file.
This was my original thread about it:
The patches after the above (look for Steven's latest ideally...) do save reliably now.

There's tools for cases like this such as:
Tools-> Advanced -> Rescan All Files
Which in turn will overwrite all database values with actual on-file tag values
Tools-> Advanced -> Synchronize Tags
which does the same the other way round, i.e. overwrite in-file metadata with database values if they differ.

Unfortunately neither of them offers a way to confirm/check the values that would be overwritten...
So I made a wishlist thread for a scan tool to expose these discrepancies so we have some means to check:
unfortunately no one else seems to see value in this.



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Ahh, didn't realize there were updates other than what's on the download page. Will try that out.