Author Topic: Sharing podcast episodes over a custom fed RSS feed? Some thoughts and requests  (Read 1806 times)


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I often would like to share podcast episodes I like with my friends. To do that in an easy way (for me and them), I thought about adding an episode URL to a custom RSS feed which my friends would subscribe to and get handled in their favorite podcast app or software.

Such custom RSS feed is provided for free and in a quite simple yet handy way by this site for instance:

To achieve the above goal, I think I need 3 things:
- get the original URL of the episode, even if I already have downloaded it. I wasn't able to retrieve that information from MusicBee once the episode has been downloaded (it is replaced by the location on the local drive).
- build a target URL to add the episode to the custom RSS feed, based on a pattern using the original episode URL and a regular expression (see the above page for examples of such target URL). This can be achieved with a virtual tag and the original URL, can't it?
- and then have a way to activate that URL: can a field containing a URL be displayed in a list view in a clickable way? and even better with a text instead of the URL itself (like the <A> HTML tag actually).

MusicBee can do so many things actually that maybe all or part of the above is already available here and there!

What do you think?



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you wont be able to achieve all of that with the current version of MB.
I do think its a bit specific for me to put that in MB but perhaps someone might write a plugin which i am happy to make small API changes to accomodate this