Author Topic: Cleaning up Sorting (Last Name, First Name) for Album Artists and Artists  (Read 3521 times)


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@psychoadept and frankz...

Good point about having the featured/guest artist as I currently have it (in the title) in addition to specifying as a guest artist in the splitter. Searching will definitely become more accurate.

As I said in boroda's thread ( the preset isn't setting the guest artist tag. Nor is it removing the featured/guest artist from the title. Which now is a good thing, so I need to update that comment before boroda wakes up and reads it.

Thank you both.
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there were a couple of bugs when custom sorting is first enabled, MB doesnt show the sort until the next restart in some cases. And secondly its reading but not applying the sort tags for newly added files (until a rescan)
Both are fixed for the next v3.3 update
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