Author Topic: Android -- MusicBee keeps trying to resync every file in the profile  (Read 1992 times)


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So I've got a 12k file library that I sync to a 128 GB microSD card. I've tried multiple ways to get it so that MusicBee only copies the relatives changes on each sync.

I initially copied the music directly to the SD card via Windows, so the modification times are correct. If I plug the card back into the computer, it will sync only the changes.

If I connect the device up via MTP, MusicBee sees the whole library as changed and tried to update the whole thing -- not what I want to do for that many files with MTP.

Is this a limitation of MTP's file attributes reading, or MusicBee just trying to copy all the files rather than checking the state of them via the attributes (i.e., this "device" is different than the previous "device" so sync everything)?

I'd rather do it wirelessly, but Windows native FTP doesn't support file modification time, and there are no functioning WebDAV servers for Android that do either.


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MB sees it as two different devices, one mounted drive and one MTP device. You need to mount it as an external drive using the same drive letter you used when you first loaded the tracks.
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