Author Topic: My DAP (Fiio X5 3rd Gen) Has 3 Memory Locations  (Read 2793 times)


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My DAP (Fiio X5-3rd Gen) has 3 memory locations: internal + 2 SD slots. So, I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to create playlists on my Windows 10 laptop, put a copy of the playlist on my DAP's internal memory, and play those tunes even if songA is MP3 stored on the internal memory but songB is FLAC stored on SD slot1 and songC is AIFF stored on SD slot2.

I can create playlists in the likes of Media Monkey and put them on my DAP but if it sync'd the playlist to (say) the internal memory then it would add songB & SongC to the internal memory inspite of the fact that they were already on slot1 / slot2 respectively.

Can MusicBee help overcome this problems?

Mr. Trev

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I have a 1st gen X3 with 2 storage locations (internal & mSD).

I think the only way to do what your looking at (and the way I do this) is to manually edit the m3u file in a text editor. Not a hard as it seems. With the Fiio plugged into my laptop the internal memory will be assigned as e: and the sd as f:. Once the playlist is created (and exported as an external playlist), I just go into notepad ++ and do a search and replace changing e: to a: and f: to b: (these are the assignment my X3 uses for storage locations).

Not sure what the X5-3 uses for assignments, but the folks over on Head-Fi should be able to help - maybe even offer some better advice than mine :D 


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I'm packing an X5III myself. Here are the prefixes for all three storage locations:


That's from

For the moment, MB does not support multi-location syncing for a device, each location is treated as a separated device. You can try getting creative by syncing specific playlists to each device or you can do some manual editing as Mr. Trev suggested. Frankly, FiiO has some good suggestions on the above link.

The suggestion has been made in the wishlist to devise a way to combine multiple devices and treat them as one in MB for the purposes of syncing, and Steven has looked into it. It's likely not a trivial thing, so I wouldn't count on seeing anything like this anytime soon.

If anyone knows of software that can sync three separate storage locations as one device, please share.
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I use a tag "phone"
I have a playlist Phone=1 and a playlist phone=2
One syncs to the internal storage, the order to a SD card.