Author Topic: BASS Opus 1.3 released  (Read 2469 times)


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Just a heads up that the bassopus.dll was updated today to the new libopus 1.3 and is available here:

According to the Opus developer this is the first update to the decoder (vs. the encoder) since 2012, albeit SLIGHT:

"1. The minor spec changes in RFC 8251 are now enabled by default (they
were there but disabled by default in 1.2), which slightly improves
voice quality around 16 kb/s and makes mono decodes default to disabling
phase inversions.

2. There's been security hardening improvements, which makes it even
harder for someone to cause problems with malicious files. No change in
quality. "

Quotes from J.M. Valin on the Hydrogenaudio Opus forum.