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can music be display Art work for Music Collections ?

i have lot of Music Collections that are just folders  full of mp3 that all have cover art in tags ... can i  have one  thumbnail for the Collection?  and keep the art work for  each track or let say you have a boxset that has nice art work that is not the same as album cover 1 - 10 or whatever

maybe ive missed it


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ok ive worked out  just make a new filter and set the filter to  path - stars with - (folder name)
i now  know i would like  to be able to  set image for a  filter  / play list 

in regards to my first  post   can you  have  album and individual track  artwork ?


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in regards to my first  post   can you  have  album and individual track  artwork ?
You sure can.
If you embed artwork into the file, just select the files and go into the tag editor,
select the Artwork tab
select add
locate the artwork you want to use
select 'embed the picture'
select the picture type and add a comment if you want to eg. Leaflet - page 1
select if it's the primary picture to be displayed

If you link your artwork, do the same but place all the artwork into the album folder before you start and use the "link to the original picture file" option.

I've found it's best to work in reverse order of artwork importance; i.e. start with track level artwork, then album, then boxset.
Sometimes (very occasionaly) if you go the other way, MB will wipe the lower-level artwork if you save the artwork in the other order.
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thanks  one thing has Happened  one of the folders i was working  on has tracks with embedded  artwork 
i think i clicked link  to organised copy of this picture it has re placed a lot of the artwork. ive gone into the folder  and removed  Cover.jpg image .... the embedded  artwork  is still in the files but still  seeing  the Cover.jpg how to get mb to rescan the artwork from files    i can't see any when to to this