Author Topic: Windows 8+ Tablet - continue playing when screen-off like in the base music app  (Read 1452 times)


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Would it be even possible to implement such thing as in thread name?
The basic Windows 8 music application called just Music is allowing me to listen to my music even after turning my screen of by button on my Yoga Tablet.


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This is a topic that has been plaguing many music software devs on windows8/10 with 2in1s & tablets thanks to Microsofts power management politics....
This is not an MB issue, but spotify has the same, or try streaming music, even through M$ own IE/Edge browser... it'll cut of the audio as soon as the screen goes into hibernation.

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Google search for the spotify issue that's been discussed at length.

Microsofts suggestion you ask ? Don't let the screensaver or screen-shutdown kick in...! :D
Supposedly there is ways to have your Windows Store app (like the "Windows 8 music application called just Music ") to be instantGo certified, but Spotify has been struggling for years with that. Not sure if they have achieved it by now though...

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