Author Topic: Replaygain doesn't always work?  (Read 1801 times)


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Sometimes if I click on a song, it has the normal volume, and only if I click controls > Smart Gain does it use the intended replaygain volume. If I then click the same song again, it resets to the normal volume again. This doesn't happen with all songs I analyzed and set to 0db.


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Try this:

1) Press Ctrl+o to open the preferences window.

2) Select the Player tab on the left side.

3) Toward the bottom, make sure the "normalize volume of tracks with replay gain tags" box is checked. Smart Gain only lets MB decide when to use the Album or Track gain value of the replay gain tag, you must have replay gain active as well.

4) If this doesn't help, make sure you have the latest version of MB installed.

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