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I just relocated my entire library to a bigger NAS and everything worked just fine. Patching the file path -> done.

Everything, except Podcasts. Podcast tab is now empty. I thought about just changing the download path to the new network share over Settings -> Library -> podcasts download folder, but that didn't do the trick. Is there an easy way to just re-import the Subscription.dat/.bak (may need the bak, because the .dat is < 1kb)?


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i guess you could open the subscriptions.bak file in a text editor and do a global search and replace for the old/new path
and then rename it to subscriptions.dat


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Is there a specific location where I have to put the file? The file is sitting in the root of the Podcast folder (\\someHost\someShare\PODCASTS) and wasn't recognized by musicbee, even after restart.

Edit: I created a hardlink to the share where my podcasts folder was before, that worked. I guess this doesn't get updated somehow?
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