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I have just downloaded MusicBee.  It has scanned my music folders (very large - around 500GB via a RAID array attached to a Win10 PC) and seems to have done a good job indexing, pulling cover art, etc.  However, when I go to play something I get one of two errors:

Unable to open file (error=BASS_ERROR_CODEC) - happens to .mp3 files

Unable to play this file - it has an unsupported format or is corrupted - this is common with .m4a files

I am able to play both on other players, so am pretty sure it's not a formatting or corruption issue.  I can't find any way to diagnose more deeply or figure out if settings need to be changed.  I downloaded this as it is well reviewed, but if I can't make it work, I'll need to find another program.  Any suggestions for resolution appreciated.



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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I'm not sure about the mp3s, because they should work out of the box, but for the m4a files there's a codec you need to download.  You can find a link in the FAQ.
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the same for mp3s, but only for N-versions of windows (some european versions)