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So I discovered MusicBee about 4-5 months ago and have spent a little bit of time each day sorting and tagging all 50,000 or so tracks that I have gathered over the last 15 or so years. I was able to get most of the albums sorted automatically using Musicbrainz (unfortunately, I only found the Discogs tagger plugin a few days ago!). For some stupid reason, I never paid much attention to the genres and I would say a good 85% of my releases have the wrong genres or even no genre tag at all.

I would really hate to have to go over every single one of these thousands of albums to manually add genres. I like to have multiple genres tagged when needed, such as "Indie; Electronic; Neo-Psychedelia" and seems to have the most accurate for what I want. This way I would be able to sort by genre and have some pretty badass playlists. I just wish I realised this earlier, if I cared about these before I wouldn't be worrying about it. Oh well, I've already put so so many hours into sorting my music, what's another 100 or so?

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!



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Just right click on tracks and look for the "auto tag by track" menu.  Also, in Tags (2) preferences you can specify number of genes, refine the list of genres to pick from, etc.  There are lots of options.
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