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As a heavy regular user of musicbee, can I suggest the following enhancements to the best music manager and player on the net? Should they be implemented, it would save users like me countless hours having to rely on other programmes to get them done.

I would like to suggest;

1) The function to show the end time (actual clock time e.g. 18.00 hrs) when the playlist will end.
2) The function to count bpm
3) The ability to pre-fade a track on a separate sound card of course, whilst another track is playing. What I mean is whilst a track is playing, say on the primary sound card, one can send another track to a secondary sound card.  
4) A nice feature to have would be if the length of the track is added to actual time. For example, a track of four minutes length started playing at 19.23, the second track of 3 minutes length would show that it would start at 19.27, third track of 3 minutes 24 seconds length would start at 19.30, fourth track would start at 19.33.24  etc.

Thanks for great programme. Again the best on the net!