Author Topic: Was the "Shuffle With Higher Rated Tracks First" algorithm changed recently?  (Read 1682 times)


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You can find this option under Shuffle Settings. Since I updated to 3.0 v4, Musicbee now gives me a lot more highly rated tracks on shuffle. I download a lot of albums when I'm looking for only one track, which means I have a lot of music I haven't listened to yet; so I liked this algorithm as a way to keep my prefered tracks first while still being able to dig tracks when playing my library on shuffle.

But nowadays, it gives me almost only tracks I've already rated highly :

Before the update, I would have about 4 or 5 tracks with high rating in that list, at most. I would actually prefer something in between... like 7 tracks out of 14.

So yeah, my question is also a suggestion... to be able to customize this setting with how much impact highly rated tracks have on the algorithm. I suppose this is an easy change since this was apparently changed in the last version. Just need to allow the modification of a variable.



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