Author Topic: Question about downloading podcasts to a playlist  (Read 1952 times)


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I recently downloaded your product as a podcatcher and like it so far. However I'm having some difficulty setting up Musicbee to automatically download and add all the podcasts to a playlist automatically. I can do this, but it has to be done manually by moving the folders from the "Unplayed Episodes" section of the Podcast tab to a brand new playlist.

What I want is for Musicbee to automatically download new podcasts to a playlist and display this playlist without me having to modify anything, if that's clear. I've tried setting the options to set recent files to Now Playing or Inbox, but they never update the now playing playlist.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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There is not functionality to make that happen automatically and would need to go on the wishlist if its important to you


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Actually I think I'm doing something quite similar by using automated playlists (smart playlists are really a powerful tool in MB) .
I can share the settings later if you wish (I'm far from my PC now)


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Here are the settings for an auto-playlist to obtain what you want.
The involved settings are highlighted in red. The other are just additional settings for my own usage.