Author Topic: Problem installing new version.  (Read 1652 times)


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I downloaded and unzipped the current 3.1 file and tried to run the installer.

Immediately it starts I get this error:

Error opening file for writing

c:\Program Files (x86)\MuaicBee\MusicBee.exe

(and the the options abort retry ignore).

I've tried both running the file normally and using "run as administrator" and get the same error both times.

I'm on Windows 10, and my current MusicBee version is 3.0.6132


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If you're already on 3.0 it's not necessary to run a full install. You can just get the latest 3.1 patch. See my sig for instructions.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here