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The album art finder, that does its thing when new files are added to the main music library, does not like it when folders are mixed in with single tracks. My songs are in a "folder/folder/musicfolder1/musicfile.flac", "folder/folder/musicfolder2/musicfile.flac" and "folder/folder/musicfile.flac" hierarchy. When musicbee scans "folder", if it digs down to musicfolder/musicfile, it marks album art correctly (whether there is or isn't). When musicbee also sees some loose files after it finishes scanning "musicfolder"s, it goes insane and assigns random album art from unrelated folders (that as far as I can tell have zero relationship to that file), regardless of whether those files already have embedded artwork or not.

How I discovered this bug is that

1)if you move those unrelated album art pictures elsewhere, it keeps the artwork assigned to those files but complains that it can't find the pictures anymore when one opens the tag editor and, most importantly,

2) regardless of whether the artwork was moved or not, if the "embed artwork in the music file" sync option is selected, musicbee throws a formerly mysterious "Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'" message when one attempts to sync those files, which is what I was trying to troubleshoot for way too long.

Rescanning the library fixes nothing; the workaround for 1) is to delete everything from the library and reimport. Those music files that don't have their own folder still get assigned random album art but at least now musicbee knows where that random art is and stops complaining about it. This does nothing for 2) however. As far as I can tell the only way to fix that is to select any other option in the "artwork storage" menu in the sync settings.


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- could you confirm which MB version you are using?
- in the Preferences/ Tags(1)/ artwork storage/ Edit List dialog, do you have "include sub-folders" ticked?
  If yes then for the file "folder/folder/musicfile.flac", MB will look in the sub-folders for artwork and i dont see that as a bug. If its not ticked then it does sound like a bug.

for issue 2, i use that setting myself without issue.
- Which file format were the files originally and which format are you using for the device (eg. convert .flac to .mp3)
- its also possible that the "folder/folder/musicfile.flac" file in your example has hundreds of linked pictures which could cause the out of memory error (you can check by viewing the artwork tab in the tag editor)
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Thanks for responding/looking into it.

Whoops, meant to include version in the original post, my bad. 3.0.6276. When I was first trying to figure out why I was getting a memory leak I installed a few old versions and this behavior is present in them too.

And yup I have it ticked and yeah I see what you're saying -- 1)  is then more unexpected behavior than a bug. I kind of understand how the artwork crawler works now and can't think of a fix for my use case myself, though for whatever that's worth mediamonkey seems to have figured out some kind of fix. Either way, it'd be nice if there was an option to at least warn before embedded artwork is overridden or track this in the error log.

I don't convert files when syncing. You were right that the artwork tab for each of those track files has lots of pictures -- a bit more than 100, because I assume it pulls the pictures from all the other folders in that directory. That is indeed what is likely causing the memory error and again it'd be nice if there was at least a heads up that a single track has more than 50 or so associated pictures so that the memory leak would be easier to diagnose if anyone has the same issue as me in the future.