Author Topic: 1.HDCD decoding for flac files,2.CD BURNING of any and all types  (Read 2759 times)


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I know we have the ability to rip HDCD CD's to 24 bit files but...are we gonna be able to decode the files we already have that are encoded with HDCD...I have a ton of HDCD flac files...I was wondering if this is still on the list...would very much like this in MB also
would like CD burning...I can't believe that I can't burn a CD with MB...Hmmm other that those 2 things.... Music Bee>SANSA FUZE>ROCKBOX has givin me the most reliable High quality Music experience that I have ever experienced ;D ;) :)
I was really surprised about no CD burning...Maybe i am missing something or is that one of the ways we keep our footprint small??/