Author Topic: Potential Podcast Issue (Seeking / Skipping Around)  (Read 330 times)


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Hey Steven,

I've been using MusicBee for over a year now - best music player I've used. Thanks for maintaining.

I haven't seen this reported or mentioned anywhere else.. maybe it's me.

Certain Podcasts have a tough time skipping time and have inconsistent 'resume playback'.

Best example I can provide is "Above and Beyond - Group Therapy". 

Link: "" - any M4A episode.
It isn't my only M4A podcast - but it is the largest/longest M4A file.

If you download an episode, try scrolling around on the timeline (time elapsed / progress bar), you should get extremely long delays (temporarily freezing MusicBee) which ends up restarting the episode in most cases.

Also, is it possible, despite being M4A, to extract the metadata for song @ time playing?

Thanks for looking into the issue  :)
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the windows AAC decoder has quite a few problems (I also get a lot of initial lag using it) so i strongly recommend you get bass_aac.dll
see for instructions

Also I suggest updating to the latest v3.1 from the first forum topic, as it supports chapters which the podcast you linked to has