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If anyone know if there's a way to display the spectrum visualizer style that's in the default layout in our own TM's, please let me know. Each bar is made up of segmented units and it looks much better.

Jubs v2

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You've probably figured it out by now, but just in case...

<element type="SpectrumVisualiser" name="Visualizer" fg="255,255,255,255" bdr="255,255,255,255"></element>

That should work for ya just add in your widths and x/y's etc


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....... I think what he meant is how to display each bar segment in blocks like in the build in Spectrum Visualizer, this is something I would like to know as well.

 Also if it is possible to display the Spectrum Visualizer like the build-in one in the new MusicBee 3.1 version, I mean centered ...?...
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