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Sometimes I found leading and trailing blanks in my tagfields. So columns may be not sorted correctly.
I think it would be fine to have a function that clean the beginning and the end of any tagfield.
Perhaps in Tools Menu - Tagging tools. Or clean tagfields when entered or reading data into Musicbee.


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You should be able to do this easily with the Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools plugin.  There might even be a preset for it...
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The leading blanks can I remove with the standard search & replace (Tagging-Tools-Menu).
But the plugin seems to work fine.
I mean in case of carelessness the input should never have an blank at first position.
I think every inputfield in other programs trim the startletter. Blank as first letter make not much sense.

If you like Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools plugin look for  MP3Tag It has a mighty scripting Language.